Bobbelia 'luxury fashion store' markets some fine authentic and good quality products, such as Swiss Made watches, Italian leather bags and accessories, Fraas scarfs, Plantronics bluetooth devices and some very fine sun glasses. These are some basic gear we make our lifestyle with. Our products are authentic, they are of good quality and most importantly, they are not expensive as the leading global brands. This gives our consumers, an opportunity to shop for some great products and not feel the squeeze in their budgets. This is the reason, we brand Bobbelia as 'My luxury fashion store'.

Fashion is the most competitive industry and luxury fashion is even more challenging. And, the global brands are always extremely aggressive with their brand building advertising strategy, making sure their loyal consumers stay with them and, even switch others towards their charm and elegance. Leaving newcomers very little space to start. Times are changing and with these changing times, consumers are becoming wiser and more loving and caring towards the wonders of our world. Hence, they shop around for fine options, and thats where we believe we fit in, because we have some great products and these come with prices which does not put any squeeze to your budgets, so while our consumers can venture to the wonders of our world, they can still enjoy some fine luxury fashion.

We started our first phase of our online advertising strategy with the theme "We are all born originals, so, lets pamper ourselves with fine authentic wear". And, this is so very true. We are indeed, the finest creations from our Mother Earth, just because we budget ourselves and our lives, does not mean, we will wear something cheap. So lets pamper ourselves to some fine, elegant wear. Our first phase of advertising materials will share our message with support from photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ followed by videos. Based upon the trends from these, we have plans for the second phase of our online advertising strategy

Knowing that we are in a very competitive market and the fact that we are not the first to be in this segment with our product categories, leaves us with few options when marketing an eShop. The most important thing to highlight is the brand and its benefits. Considering these facts, we started our second phase of advertising with the theme "Truly Charming" and that is indeed the fact. Our products are authentic, they come with great quality and most importantly, they are designed and created in Europe and, all that, can only make something 'truly charming'.

We know and we have studied filmmaking, we have our own studio housing the best gear and we are good at our job, but this isn't always enough, especially when we are working in a competitive market and with inspiring clients. While most studios are good at work when budgets are at ease, the challenge is to work with squeezed budgets and also keeping in mind that we must achieve our advertising goals as well.

2015 started with ambitious dreams, competitive challenges and with a zeal to work on something exciting. The first quarter, we brainstormed the options to working with e-commerce. And we partnered together with Shopify to venture on our first ever eShop Bobbelia We were neither the first to venture this category nor we carried something exclusively unique. So what is it, which would make us unique and give us an edge? We strategised our Bobbelia as 'My luxury fashion store' with partnered with companies who understood our dream and were willingly to take us as family, meaning, we all understood that we are setting to sail in one of the most competitive industries, so all we wanted to to do is, sail till we catch the winds to take us places

While we produced most of our advertising materials with the theme 'truly charming' for our other creations, we themed those as 'Instruments for Professionals' after all, these were indeed high quality gear for pro-use as well as a great creation for our everyday use too

During fall 2015, we had some decent experience with the fashion trends in our Benelux and rest of Europe and thats when we decided to extend an exclusive eShop for our Swiss Watch. What could have been more attractive than the name Swiss Watch Shop We launched this exclusively to carry our quality Swiss Made Watch, especially, considering since, our brands are maybe new for the market but then, they come from companies registered with the Swiss Watch Making Federation, thus, adding the USP to the category and at the same time, assuring those same Swiss Watch standards, just like other leading brands. We had to design an advertising strategy to launch and promote our Swiss Watch Shop and we came up with some esteem building campaigns.

Hagardhs, our inspiring client from Amsterdam, The Netherlands, a company marketing authentic and quality products which contribute to a healthy lifestyle. We designed a theme 'Living healthy' and now, the challenge was to design an online campaign with print ads and video ads to drive our theme. Our first ad to introduce this theme of 'Living healthy'

Considering the competitive trends of marketing olive oils in India, we had to come up with a strategy to educate the audience with the health benefits of Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil, starting with some insights while branding Hagardhs

We further studied the Indian markets and the various categories of olive oils which were widely made available and upon finding out that many consumers seemed confused between choosing extra virgin olive oil, with refined olive oils, and pure olive oils or even worst refined pomace oils, we therefore, designed some videos sharing few insights on this subject

Having shared some basic insights on the health benefits of extra virgin olive oils and especially the authenticity of Spanish extra Virgin Olive Oils, we wanted to further enhance our say with someone professional, in order to carry our message to our consumers highlighting primarily on the health especially because Indians are known to out number statistics on hyper-tension and cholesterol related diseases. We approached Ms. Bipasha Das, consultant dietician M.Sc. (community nutrition and dietetics management) and shared our product attributes and we were thrilled when she willingly endorsed our brand

Now we have shared insights on our Hagardhs Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil, we have shared insights on its health benefits and we even have a professional personality who has endorsed us, what could we do next, in order to have an edge to our strategy?

We went to our consumers, and we met those who were willing to listen to us and be willing to try our product and upon their acceptance of our quality product, we asked if they would be willing to endorse our brand as well.

We were extremely thrilled to get a great response from other professionals such as teachers, interior-designers and the like

Having succeeded on these, we further went ahead and met with other consumers from different cities, states, cultures and religions and we went ahead and designed a local advertising, in local languages which was exclusively targeted to the wider Indian consumers in their own languages

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You may also see the Facebook of Hagardhs to get a much detailed view of these.

To further drive our theme on Living healthy, we came up with several print ads which can be seen on the Facebook page of Hagardhs. We developed these ads together with some of those consumers or their family and friends who were happy using our products and were willing to endorse those

Along with our video ads, we also designed several print ads, which carried our theme on Living healthy, and the health benefits of using our Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our goal was to reach a wider group of our consumers with our message and at the same time, give them a feel good feeling with our ads as well, hence, we asked our consumers to endorse our brands instead

We sampled our products at the retail, thats where we made friends with our consumers and asked them if they would be willing to first understand all about our Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil and its health benefits and then, use our product and ONLY if they feel good about our brand, they could endorse too. And to our surprise, we made friends with many

Our research showed us that some consumers were concerned on using extra virgin olive oil for cooking Indian cuisine, especially because, of the confused belief that the smoke point (In cooking, the smoke point of an oil or fat is the temperature at which, under defined conditions, enough volatile compounds emerge from the oil that a bluish smoke becomes clearly visible. At this temperature, volatile compounds, such as water, free fatty acids, and short-chain degradation products of oxidation come up from the oil. The smoke point is the temperature at which the oil is decomposed and where possibly toxicological relevant compounds are formed) of extra virgin olive oil is around 191C as compared to their widely used refined sun flower oil which is around 238C.

We asked a question to our consumers, at what temperature do we cook or boil eggs (100C)? What is the highest temperature a pressure-cooker (which is widely used for Indian cookings) can reach(130C)? What is the highest temperature in which most or all the Indian food is cooked(between 100C to 130C)? So why is Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which has a smoke point of 191C considered doubtful? We even asked them, how come, if something can be consumed raw with salads, cannot be used for cooking? All those consumers we spoke to, found their answers in our questions. And this inspired us to design some more print ads

Having achieved all or most of the advertising goals of our client, within their budgets, we went ahead to ask if we could design video ads in order to develop a 'feel good feeling' for our consumers. We knew we had little budgets, and, we had to design ads which were simple yet elegant and carry a candid message along-with. This was indeed a challenge and, we first achieved this with a video for Hagardhs Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Which further inspired us to try an idea with Bordeaux French Chateau Wines

After working on our video for wine, we were highly motivated and felt assured that working with squeezed budgets for video ads was possible. And then, we brainstormed over an idea for Italian Pasta & Pasta sauce. And once again, we could thrill us with our creative arts

By now, we had won our client's confidence as well and we wanted to try something different, yet, inspired by our own theme of working with low budgets. And once again, we surprised us all with our Hagardhs Coffee video

Our clients got in touch with us to develop a video for the markets in Holland and this time, we wanted a professional from The Netherlands to endorse our brand. We got in touch with a few and shared our advertising strategy and we were glad when Ms. Kubra Akay a dietician agreed to team with us

As for example our Hagardhs Traditional Dutch Cheese

And this is how we worked on most of our products with Hagardhs.

Having worked with our low budget video advertising strategy, we defined our goals clearly, making sure our first videos would carry the primary message highlighting the fine elements of the product followed by feeds from our consumers which we believe adds more value to the brand.

And a similar example with our Hagardhs Belgian Dark Chocolate ad

One of our first interviews, talks with Ms. Monika JasnauskaiteĢ‡ for our ongoing project 'People of our World'