We believe; Producing is an art operating on several different levels. We believe; Producing involves the original conception of an idea, the acquiring of an intellectual property, the commissioning of a book or a screenplay, the assembling of a creative team, handling legal contracts, marketing and distributing the finished product, playing psychologist team players – all the way down to making sure that there is a hot cup of coffee on the sets

How we work 
We work with a digital studio; housing the latest high definition recording devices and, non-linear editing systems. Our services include complete creation of projects, from script to screen 

We simply eliminate the middle man by offering all video production capabilities under one roof from concept generation, to scriptwriting and storyboarding, to hiring models and actors, to shooting, directing, and editing, and ultimately design, and packaging

Generating Concepts for Effective Video Production 
We work with you to understand your objectives. Together we establish your business strategies, who is going to view the video, and what you hope the audience gains from watching. With this information, we create unique concepts that accomplish goals, reach targeted audiences, and generate the responses you want 

Scriptwriting and Storyboarding 
The script is a critical part in successful video production. We can construct the narration, presentation, and dialogue that instantly capture your audience's attention. Our scriptwriters, designers, and videographers work as a team to map out a storyboard that flows seamlessly

Professional Models to Promote Your Company 
To represent your company, we hire models and actors from professional agencies. We evaluate the portfolios to find the best person for the job. We maintain strong connections with many modelling/acting agencies and only hire professionals who know what it takes to convey the right message in the most efficient way possible

If you would like to have one of your own employees to act or model for the video, we would be happy to work with them. We also work with new comers, after having provided them with a workshop on acting and communications 

Professional Video Production 
Constant disruption and time-consuming shots are common problems for many video production companies; however, our professional videographers have years of experience and are highly skilled in capturing the best shots regardless of location and condition. Our crew of videographers, directors, and editors know how to do their jobs well, costing you less, without compromising on quality 

Our gear
A. Camera
i. Canon EOS 5D Mark ii camera + Canon EF 50mm f1.2 L usm lens + Rodenstock uv filter
ii. Canon LEGRIA HF G26 FULL HD 
iii. Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K EF Mount
iv. Canon XF 400 4K UHD
vi. Leica D-Lux
vi. Canon LEGRIA HF-R806
vii. GoPro Hero 4 Silver + GoPro 3-way arm + additional battery & mounts

B. Tripod 
i. Manfrotto 055X PROB + 501 HDV head + tripod bag + (Manfroffo 804RC2 head) 
ii. Manfrotto 045
iii. Manfrotto pixie

C. Lights & Reflectors 
i. Arri lites kit; 800w kit - stands + barn doors + Arri original hard carry case
ii. Continues lighting kit; 5500 temp. bulbs - power controlled in 2 channels A + B, with stand and 90 cm soft box & white + silver umbrella 
iii. Lastolite round reflectors 90 cm gold/silver /white 
iv. Manfrotto mobile led lights 

D. Sound 
i. Sennheiser ew -112-p-g2 wireless mic kit; transmitter + receiver + Sennheiser mic 
ii. Sennheiser skm 135 g2 handheld wireless mic - sync with the transmitter ew -112-p-g2 
iii. Sennheiser mkh 416 phantom boom mic (10m audio cable + xlr extension)  
iv. Sennheiser mkh 400 + wind jammer
v. Rycote wind jammer kit model # 086001 
vi. Ambient fiber boom model # QX565 
vii. Tascom dr100 digital recorder 

E. Editing suite 
i. Apple MacBook pro 
ii. Apple Final Cut Pro X

F. Bags & accessories 
i. Lowepro camera bag roller x100 
ii. Lowepro stealth reporter bag D650 aw
iii. Lowepro classified bag 250 aw
iv. Lowepro classified bag 160 aw
v. Clapper board
vi. Electrical extension cords x 3 units each with 15m long cable
vii. Trolley