Privilege Club

Each individual customer is important to us and, we very strongly believe in a long term relationship marketing. Therefore, our privilege club! This, is an opportunity for you, to get extra benefits while shopping with us. On every euro you spend shopping with us, you score points, which are yours to collect. You can always redeem these points for free jewelry from our online store, or even exchange your points for gift vouchers & gift them to your family or friends, so that, they can in exchange of those gift vouchers, buy jewelry at our online store. Now does that motivate you to shop with us?

There is even more to the privilege club! Once you are satisfied with our services and, the quality of our products, would you like to introduce us to your family and friends? Because, when they shop at Asiemik and mention your privilege club account number to us, you score points on their purchases too! And yes, they will score points on their purchases as well! So, how about giving a try shopping with us?

Here is how you join our privilege club. Simply download our privilege club membership form, fill it and email it to us. We shall reply you with your privilege club membership account number. Every time you place orders, please make sure to mention your privilege club account number, that will enable us to keep a track of your buying patterns and add your points to your account. Once you have collected enough points, you may choose to decide if you would want to exchange them for free jewelry, or, exchange them for gift vouchers for your family and or friends.

And here is the best part, when you email us your privilege club membership form, you score 250 points right away! Yes, you did read it right, you score 250 points, just to be a member with our Asiemik Privilege Club!

You are always welcome to share your suggestions & feedbacks to us, on how we can improve our services to you. Please email us with your insights and, we shall surely follow up.
Studio Asiemik,
Feb 23, 2009, 2:16 AM