We are an Independent Digital Production Studio, sponsored by Hagardhs BV a company registered in The Netherlands, producing low budget advertising materials for online publicity. Our services include complete creation of photos and videos for online publicity, develop, support-maintain website/Facebook PAge and social media campaigns. We shall team with you and provide you with our finest services at all times. We assure you that there will be no surprises and no hidden costs. You will love the final product! 

We are also equipped and experienced to produce films inspired from true stories and events; both for festivals and as well as for broadcasts. Our services include complete creation of projects from script to screen. Whether you want to create and develop; a corporate video, short film, documentary, music videos or simply videos for advertising and online publicity, we will team with you and provide you with our finest services at all times.

Over the years, while working, we came across some very fine talent in artists and designers, and learnt how much an artist and a designer has to struggle to survive. Hence, we have taken an initiative to promote our artists, and designers, in order to be able to give them a platform to showcase their creative talents through the form of their arts and designs. We produce free advertising materials for online publicity for artists and designers, thus, working with a social cause, to strive to keep our art and designs live forever.